Why CivicAspen

Mission Statement

We are working to improve the civic health of the Aspen community by providing better access to information, facilitating community conversation, and by elevating civic engagement.

What is Civic Health?

Civic health is the ability for a community to solve problems.

Vision Statement

We envision a day in which the community collectively practices gratitude for Aspen by striving to work together to solve problems and improve the community.

Why We Exist

We exist to help make it easier for community members to be connected and informed, making it easier for all stakeholders to impact civic issues.

What We Do

We produce a bi-weekly newsletter on what's happening in local government. Eventually, we hope to add programming and coordinate helpful research.

Ways to Engage


Register to vote here. The next City of Aspen mayor and council election is March 2025. The next Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners election is

2.Make Public Comment

Make your voice heard. Showing up in person or submit public comment by email to the Aspen City Council or by this form for the Pitkin County Commissioners.

3.Write a Letter to the Editor

Join the community conversation and submit a letter to the editor here for the Aspen Daily News or here for the Aspen Times.

4.Join a Board

Click here for a list of ARC Advisory Committees. Apply here for City of Aspen boards. Click here for a list of county board vacancies and apply here.

5.Run for City Council or Board of County Commissioners

The next City of Aspen mayoral and council election is March 4, 2025. There will be two council seats and the mayoral seat open. More information here on the City of Aspen Municipal Elections.

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Jamie Larson