CivicAspen is a nonprofit

CivicAspen is an IRS-registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Because we are a 501(c)3, we can’t have owners or shareholders, can’t be bought or sold, can’t operate for the benefit of any individual or group, and we must invest all of our resources into our mission. Since we are a tax-exempt charity, we don’t pay income or sales tax and are heavily restricted from lobbying. Lastly, the tax returns we submit to the IRS are available for public review. Any violation of these rules jeopardizes our 501(c)3 status.

How are we funded & where money goes


Currently, 100% of CivicAspen's revenue comes from donations. In the future we plan to pursue grants and generate revenue from programming and possibly consulting.


Since we are a 501(c)3, we must spend 100% of our revenue in pursuit of our mission, which is to strengthen Aspen's civic health by building stronger trust and relationships between residents & stakeholders, local government, and other civic institutions. We spend our revenue on five categories, which you can see below. Below that, you can see our 2024 projected expenses.

  • Consulting Support - we are fortunate to have the road map and guidance of CivicLex, who has a proven civic health model they've developed in Lexington, Kentucky. Consulting support allows us to operate without paid staff until we can fund a team member locally.
  • Marketing - we primarily advertise through social media and the local newspapers.
  • Administrative - this includes newsletter, website, and accounting software, plus thank you cards, and more.
  • Programs - we plan to host small gatherings and events. Some of our program expenses will include compensating other organizations or individuals, printing, technology, space rental, and food & drinks.
  • Staffing - at this time CivicAspen is 100% volunteer operated and does not have rent or staffing expenses, but hopes to make a strategic hire to support the organization in the future.

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