This week: Lumberyard, Buy Downs, Airport Runway

What's happening...

(ACC - Aspen City Council, BOCC - Pitkin Board of County Commissioners)

đŸĒĩ Lumberyard infrastructure & RFQ

Staff gives an update on the strong field of responses to the Request For Qualification from developers and asks council to discuss the approach to the Request For Proposal process.

The Lumberyard Phase O is on track to begin construction in January 2025. However, the $14.25M budget is expected to increase because of cost escalation since '22 when the project was estimated. Phase O includes the horizontal infrastructure and a traffic light added to Hwy 82.

🏠 "Buy down" program to help pay up for free-market

Staff gives council an update on the West Mountain Regional Housing Coalition program that the city has set aside a $450,000 contribution to the "buy down" pilot program. The program aims to help middle income households buy and convert free-market homes to deed-restricted units by offering 30% of the purchase price of the home, up to a $1.5M home price. With the new deed-restriction, owners get 3% simple interest annual appreciation as long as they maintain local employment in Pitkin, Eagle or Garfield counties, don't STR the property, and own no other residential property.

✈ī¸ BOCC collects grants to fix runway

Wednesday the BOCC will accept grants from the FAA for $3,469,301 and CDOT for $264,999 for partial pavement rehabilitation of runways and taxiways. The FAA will cover 90% of costs and CDOT 5%.

🏚 2 more "long-time local" demolition allotments

The demolition allotment ordinance from 2022 has been modified to include 6 regular allotments and 4 "local" demolition allotments annually. Already, the 6 regular allotments plus 2 "local" allotments for 2024 have been awarded with the 2 remaining locals' allotments going before council for approval Tuesday. The application for the two local owners has taken close to 3 months so far.

ℹī¸ ACRA gratitude campaign & Airport Guest Services

ACRA presents a marketing report to council highlighting the 'Petal if Forward' campaign focused on gratitude from locals to visitors to businesses and part-time residents.

On Airport Guest Services there are up to 25 commercial flights per day. It's noted that High Mountain Taxi and hotel shuttles continue to the be the only option for transportation, which works most of the time, but there is still a need especially in the heavy flight times and late at night.

A 2nd Visitor Information Center opens in the old Ski Co ticket offices at Gondola Plaza

❄ī¸ Snowmaking for the nordic ski trails?

Snowmaking for the 90km Aspen Snowmass Nordic trail system is being explored by COA Parks & Open Space for portions of the trails adjacent to the high school and at the golf course. Funding for the trail system is generated through the Pitkin County Open Space and Trails mill levy.

🛝 Wagner Park playground survey

Share your input on the new Wagner Park playground here.

Wagner Park playground conceptual sketch

☑ Aspen Community Survey

Please complete the Aspen Community Survey here. The last survey in '22 had 678 respondents out of 6,297 surveys distributed - 11% response.

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